We know entertainment is all about emotion, and our goal is to deliver the emotion imbedded in our products to the end consumer with high-quality and always being loyal to the original idea.
UniDub can prepare the Brazilian version of movies, animations, documentaries, promos, trailers, previews, spots, TV series, cinema, On Demand, streaming, air line, YouTube, portals and all and any format of delivering content in existence or yet to be invented.
We give your project the Brazilian the voice it needs with sound mixing capabilities in 2.0, 5.1 and 7.1.

Narration for Commercials, Educational, Special Projects, Audiobooks or Business

We work with hundreds of voices, from all backgrounds. From marketing and promotion, business (all industries), educational and institutional, to audiobooks. That includes apps, games, URA, toys, voice-over, narrations and descriptions, digital platforms, voice guide, or anything that your imaginative and innovative mind throws at us. We are ready!


We understand that sometimes a good voice alone is not enough and subtitles are needed. Don’t you worry! You can count on us for top-notch subtitles as well.

Video Games Localization

If you ask any gamer, they will tell you that one of their biggest selling points on a game is when they can immerse themselves within that magical (or scary!) universe that games can offer. Our team is also made up of gamers, so we would know! UniDub has extensive experience with MMOs, console/terminal games, apps, among others. We always keep in mind the voice-match, and especially the actors’ ability to embody their characters. We take pride in raising the bar when it comes to logistics, technical and artistic quality, and making the final product next level up (pun intended!).

Audio Description and Closed Caption

The social responsibility of providing entertainment for the visually and hearing impaired has finally become a welcomed reality. This value it is not lost at UniDub and we are proud to be well equipped to address this need and increasing market demand. UniDub is helping to break down accessibility barriers, allowing your product to reach a greater audience through high-quality and accessible projects.